Frequently Asked Questions

Doctors working in a medical facility (hospital or clinic). It is a professional tool created by doctors for doctors. When Team'Doc is set up in a healthcare facility and a doctor wishes to create their profile, they must go to the head of their department who checks the information (family name, first name, hospital status) and validates their inscription.

The unique identifier for each user is made using their RPPS (French directory of healthcare professionals) number (senior physicians) or the hospital number for residents or locum.

An application is being developed specifically for paramedical staff but CRNA and care assistants can already access patient files and the telephone directory.
YES. The application is secure end to end.

Firstly, the user must be cleared by the head of their department and they have a unique identifier (see “Who can use Team'Doc?”).

The Team’Doc platform can only be accessed from a computer specified as belonging to a medical facility or a smartphone provided by Team’Doc and used solely for professional purposes. This system is completely secure because, if necessary, Team’Doc has the capability to remotely wipe data and block the phone.

In addition, data is transmitted through the Team'Doc application, which uses a SHA – 256 (bits) encryption system.

Finally, all data (user or patient) is stored by a HSP certified by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the new regulation concerning personal healthcare data storage. In conclusion, Team’Doc has made a declaration of automated processing of personal data with the CNIL.

There are three reasons for this: security, confidentiality and freedom.

Security: we can’t ensure maximum security if the smartphone itself isn’t secure. We decided to supply a dedicated smartphone ourselves, which contains ONLY the Team’Doc application. This allows us to guarantee maximum security, in particular by blocking phishing scams.

Confidentiality: a work smartphone ensures that information is kept confidential: no more photos saved on your smartphone ending up on an uncertified HSP cloud, no more sending work messages through insecure personal WhatsApp® accounts.

Freedom: we considered it important to separate private life from work life.
Saving time at work in the hospital or clinic also means more free time for doctors outside of work and it allows them to switch off (both literally and figuratively).


Since the phone is 100% dedicated to Team'Doc and the application is 100% secure, you can take the smartphone with you and use Team'Doc outside of the hospital: no more work calls or text messages on your personal phone!

But remember, the idea is also to separate your work life from your personal life: you must leave the dedicated smartphone at the hospital when you're not on call.

The smartphone is supplied to the medical facility named on the contract. It is not dedicated to a DOCTOR but to a DEPARTMENT so it must remain at the disposal of the department at the end of the semester (resident) or on changing positions (senior registrars). In addition, your account information is tied to the department you're working in at the time the contract is signed.

Also, the phone is dedicated to Team'Doc and contains ONLY this application. If the phone is registered as "lost" or "stolen", it is destroyed remotely, for security reasons.

Team'Doc aims to make life easier by synchronising the information we need for our day-to-day work with existing softwares. It does not replace these packages, nor does it fulfill the same purpose.

For example: take a photo of your patient's I.D. bracelet and you can consult your summary sheet to get all of their administrative details (family name, first name, SSN, date of birth, hospital ward and bed).

The application does not seek to replace professional emails, which remain vital for communicating official information that cannot be transmitted by other means.
You can send them a link to Team’Doc directly through the application or contact us through the Contact page.