Let’s simplify our everyday life at the hospital 

An application made by doctors to simplify daily working practices

Team’Doc brings all our day-to-day activities together in a single dedicated hospital smartphone and a web application to facilitate hospital teamwork.





Hosted by an approved Health Data Provider (CEGEDIM)

Via a secure protocol (additional encryption layer by encrypting and signature in both ways)

Equipment enrolment (no local stockage) and profile approval

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Smart directory

Search for doctors on call by availability

Secure calls

Make your work calls secure

Secure communication

Send your messages, attach a photo or a patient file

To do lists

Manage your to do list and get reminders to be sure nothing is left undone

Department organisation

Automatically communicate tasks to be completed to the medical team on duty (and vice versa)

Standardised patient records

Create patient records and replace paper copies

Information sharing

Share patient records with your team in real time and send them to colleagues


Find recommendations from learned societies in your specialty

Medical service procedures

Make your in-house procedures available


Find your computational tools and current scores (GFR, BMI, qSOFA etc.)

Why use Team'Doc?

For secure communication

We're all guilty of breaching the regulations by using insecure messaging (Messenger®, WhatsApp®, SMS, personal email etc.) to communicate with other doctors in our department or facility or by saving medical information on a Word® document accessible​ through insecure cloud storage. Because there was no available alternative.  

To spend more time really practicing medicine

We’ve all wasted time rewriting medical information on charts that get erased or on loose sheets of paper that subsequently go missing. Or repeating a patient's medical history over and over again to various people making our way through a list of numbers each getting us through to the wrong person. Because we had no other option.  

To keep all data and tools to hand

We've all made mistakes due to lack of access to service procedures, outdated recommendations or inaccurately communicated information. Because we're only human and technology hindered rather than helped us.   Because we needed it.   

A team of medical doctors, security experts and developers at your service

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