An application made by doctors
to simplify day-to-day medical working practices

Smart directory and secure communications


When we need to fill out weekend intake files, make an appointment with a specialist or get an opinion, we spend a lot of time trying to contact the right person who also happens to be at work and available.


With Team’Doc, you can find contact information for all the doctors in your hospital (or clinic) by specialty and status (available, busy, absent).


Call them directly through the application or use the secure messaging function. You can attach a patient's summary file or a photo, requesting a call back or an opinion.


All your messages are encrypted end-to-end and stored by a accredited personal health data hosting service provider (HSP).


Tasks management



With Team’Doc, no more paper to-do lists!


You can consult your to do list directly in the application (you can assign tasks and set reminders), shared with all of the department's doctors.


This allows everyone to check at a glance what they have left to do, to organise their day, and to efficiently plan medical examinations.  


Patients handover


If a patient's health record contains all of their medical data (be it digital or paper-based), a one-page summary must be provided for day-to-day use and, in particular, for sharing medical information.

To improve patient care and guarantee full and effective sharing of medical information between teams, Team’Doc allows you to create standardized medical handover forms by specialty and/or medical condition.

You can attach notes, task reminders and a “snapshot” (showing a patient's clinical status) for example.

Don't waste another minute copying out or repeating the same thing over the phone: a patient's full handover file is shared in real time with the entire department and you can send it through secure messaging if you need to ask for an opinion.


Recommendations and tools


Consult documents directly in Team’Doc and access the tools you use every day.


With Team’Doc you get a solid “medical corpus" for your specialty and department, which contains:

- recommendations from learned medical societies by theme (consensus conferences, guidelines, RFE etc.)

- your facility’s updated healthcare policies and procedures

- useful day-to-day tools : planning, calculation tools (tidal volume, BMI, corrected QT, qSOFA etc.), official apps etc.


You can also use the application to take notes and do away with all those scraps of paper!